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Our technologies are tools that give free rein to your imagination in the creation of eCommerce content, from social networks to print media.

We can offer you the use of machines with support according to your needs, and our teams of photographers and stylists can also take care of your projects, from artistic direction, to shooting, and up to retouching.


Bastille, PARIS (11e), FR


HORIZONTAL - Shooting flat packshots.

For flat pack shots, a large light table is used to position and style the item to be photographed. The machine is equipped with an iPad-based software program that adjusts the lighting and offers garment trimming. You can now obtain high-quality visuals without the need for stitching: the time saved can be used to correct any positioning errors in post-production.


VERTICAL - Invisible mannequin shooting.

With the help of Ghost mannequins, you can easily create realistic images of your products. Male or female, our mannequins feature removable parts that are invisible on the final photo.
You control your lighting and shots directly from the software on the iPad connected to the machine.


ECLIPSE - Shooting accessories.

Our flagship technology for easy accessory shooting!

Place your products in this large, illuminated box. Then, from the software on your iPad, program a series of visuals, your lighting, and watch the magic happen. The machine replicates the same sequences on all the pieces in your collection for uniform images. In just a few seconds, you'll have multiple views of the same product, or an edited video ready to post online.
You can personalize your set. We offer a wide range of colored backgrounds and base types.


LIVE - Shooting on a model. 


Our large-format machine features an 8m2 platform in a cabin equipped with continuous lighting controlled by an iPad, and a motorized rail-mounted camera for overall or detailed views, in photo or video. Select the areas of the model to be photographed on the screen, and the machine does the rest. Apply the same image sequences from one look to the next, and you'll quickly have all the visuals you need for your look book. A ready-to-use cyclorama that will revolutionize your production time.

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